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We are a team of designers, programmers and creatives who create outstanding lighting, video and visual experiences for every form of entertainment.

With offices in Australia and the United Kingdom, we transcend borders, time zones, disciplines and convention with real local knowledge matched by global experience.
About Us

Mandylights began in 2006 as a collective of designers who sought to offer their clients more creativity, security and capacity than they could as freelancers, but without the lumbering size of a full production company. As one of the first true lighting and visual design firms in the world, the company has become the first with offices in two countries and remains unique with its work that spans traditional concert, light art, corporate and special event markets around the world.

Today, Mandylights is made up of a team of designers, programmers, technicians and staff that are capable of delivering end-to-end creative and production solutions for any application. The company has worked in over sixty countries around the world and has grown while maintaining its creative focus to develop a strong and accountable business back end.

We’re not some loose collective of designers working under a fancy business name – Mandylights today is an established business with measurable accountability and a proven track record of delivering multi-million dollar projects while maintaining roots in each office’s local communities.

We’re able to offer local and touring solutions in almost every market, and every project we embark on is designed and backed by a team of industry-leading professionals.

Our Highlights

Take a look at a handful of our career highlights.

Beastcoast // Escape from New York tour Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Residency // Las Vegas Vector Lights // Auckland Harbour Bridge Tata Motors // Delhi Auto Show 5 Seconds of Summer // Meet You There World Tour Ricky Martin // One World Tour Cathedral of Light // Light Artwork Stormzy Sydney Harbour Bridge Lighting Ultra Music Festival // 15th Anniversary Dubai New Year's Eve // United Arab Emirates Cats - The Musical // South Korea, China and South Africa
Lighting, Visual + Production Design

We’re all about design; it’s the core of our business and part of everything we do.

That said, it’s not all we do. Everyone in our team learned their trade in schools, amateur theatre societies and in the back of trucks. This makes us unique – all of our designers are also operators, drawers, visualisers, prototypers and builders. We don’t do concept art or make promises we can’t keep in the design process. On site, our designers are the programmers, bringing their own visions to life as opposed to employing freelancers to translate ideas to the stage.

We share, collaborate, question and argue each and every design, with work scrutinised, developed and refined by our team who are spread around the world – meaning that we deliver creative and production that’s already vetted.

We design cohesively with our individual and shared experiences using video, staging, lighting and any other element we can get our hands on to create seamless experiences. We believe that you shouldn’t be able to tell which idea came first – was it that great lighting stage, the innovative stage or the integrated video?

We visualise, draw, program, design, create content and refine entirely in house. Our mix of staff, technology and skills let us create amazing projects from start to finish with our large full time staff – again, not relying on freelance operators or part-time thinkers – we’re all in it for the long haul.

And finally, we present, operate and manage our designs from curtain up on the first night until the last truck is packed at the end of the tour. Our lighting directors, operators and production managers oversee delivery and manage creative no matter how long – whether it’s a decade of maintenance on a harbour bridge or four weeks of touring arena show – with a direct link back to the original design team.

We’re all about design, but that’s only the beginning.

Production Delivery + Support

We began as a team of three designers back in 2006, founding Mandylights with creative design as the centre of everything we did. However, we quickly found that we often had to compromise our ideas by resorting to industry-standard equipment, crews, constraints and production-company driven inventories.

Slowly but surely, we’ve invested millions into unique production equipment that supports our design work. When we wanted an alternative to unsightly scaffolding towers, we invented our own mArc trussing and base system to make large scale, outdoor creative lighting projects a lot easier on the eye. We’ve scoured the globe for the best data distribution products, media servers, control systems, LED fixtures and rigging; and when we haven’t found it, we’ve gone and made it ourselves. Today, Mandylights owns and operates a enviable list of lighting, rigging and production equipment that is as unique as our design work.

In addition to this, we’re proud to work with a crew of dedicated, skilled and resourceful technicians and production managers who can deliver any and all aspects of a project; from initial scoping and event development through to production management, site management and even event production.

All of this makes us one of the world’s most resourceful and original lighting design companies.

Where We Work

We’ve been lucky enough to work in over sixty countries around the world. Click on the markers to learn about a handful of our most favourite shows.

This map excludes most touring shows – we’d have the map almost entirely coloured in if we did!

Meet Our Team
Richard Neville
Director // Designer
Adrienn Lord
Claire Melton
Operations Coordinator
Steve Bewley
Director // Designer
Nicholas Sheen
Senior Technician
Luke Parry
Lighting Associate
Tom Edwards
Director // Designer
Mike Gearin
Project Manager
Bronte Lock
Kate Chalker
General Manager
Alex Hughes
Technical Designer
Reece Wilcox
Warehouse Coordinator
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