Above all else; a design company.

Mandylights was founded as a lighting design company. While our scope has increased to include video, visual and full production design, we’ve always kept design at the heart of everything we do. Our team all have unique backgrounds, passions and experiences across every facet of the entertainment industry, including architectural and product design, theatre, concert, corporate, dance party and light artwork areas. Drawing on the experiences of many, we’re able to dream up designs that aren’t bound by specific disciplines or conventional design methodologies – this is the single most important aspect of our company. We don’t just light bands. We don’t just do corporate. We do everything with a rare passion and enthusiasm that lets us consistently deliver the best for our world-class clients, whether they’re award winning arena-filling musicians, iconic light festivals, Fortune 500 companies or highly-regarded theatre companies.

Design that is delivered.

We don’t work with concept renders, photoshopped lens flares and mood boards. We design realistic creations that are perfectly visualised, seamlessly delivered and efficiently toured. While all our projects begin with a great design, every one is backed by solid production and practical knowledge with our in house team of production managers, construction and technical staff. Our state-of-the-art previsualisation studio was not only the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, but is the only one to offer full real time Oculus Rift technology and a host of other ground breaking technologies. Our visualisations are then backed up by solid paperwork, construction plans and our knowledge of how to deliver and tour in any market on earth, and our network of equipment suppliers, production partners and crew around the world assist us with this.

A real team.

Mandylights is made up of a team of people who found each other. We don’t advertise for creative positions, but we’re far more than a collective of designers who just decided to form a company. Our eleven year history of outstanding creative and production delivery is backed by solid growth, an enviable financial track record and a solid team who provide reliability, accountability and delivery assurance on a far higher level than any freelance designer or young collective. We have demonstrated experience of show delivery in over fifty countries with an outstanding portfolio of artists and creative projects from around the world. Now, with offices in the United Kingdom and Australia, our position as a multi-million dollar design business remains grounded by knowing that we’re all part of a single team that exists because each member is able to uniquely contribute to the end result of every project.


All members of our team began their careers in amateur theatre, behind consoles or computers at high school or working with bands in tiny venues for even smaller crowds. With decades of combined experience, we’ve never forgotten our roots. To this day, we work with schools, local societies and educational institutions to help find the designers of tomorrow in addition to furthering our own skills. Our staff regularly lecture and are invited to speak at industry-leading tradeshows and special events. We embrace new technologies while remaining true to the basic principals of broadcast, theatrical and corporate lighting traditions. And while all of this sounds great, it gives our clients stability and the knowledge that we’re not just the flavour of the month – we’re experienced, reliable and remain grounded at all times.

Passion and enthusiasm.

Despite all the talk of security, experience and proven delivery, our most important asset is our passion. Our entire team is dedicated to creating memorable designs for any application. We’ve lit caves to concerts, broadcasts to bar mitzvahs, and flowers through to fashion. Let us know what you’d like us to tackle next.