Support that goes far beyond design.

At Mandylights, we believe that any good design is backed up by outstanding delivery. Since we began, we’ve always been keen to offer support with construction, ongoing creative and technical direction, operation and programming beyond the initial design engagement. For us, this approach allows us to ensure that our quality of delivery is maintained throughout the execution process. Whether it’s a case of providing systems technicians for each night of a light festival, or supporting a world tour with media server rental and ongoing lighting and video direction, our production + logistics department give us the peace of mind that our creative is constantly being upheld. For our clients, this seamless integration of creative and production offers an unrivalled service that not only offers ongoing continuity, but provides management and artists alike with a constant link back to the creative team who are able to update, advise and assist with any of the typical developments that may arise during a tour or period of engagement.

Production Delivery

Mandylights has an in-house staff of operators, systems engineers and technicians who are able to execute even the most extravagant of our designs. Our staff have supported world tours, swum through lakes to install lights and stayed up overnight way too many times to ensure that every design is fully realised. We can support as much or as little of a production as required – from single elements or bespoke scenic pieces through to complete installation, operation, direction and ongoing maintenance.

Bespoke Construction

Our Sydney office featuresĀ a fully bespoke construction facility where our light artworks and other design projects are brought to life completely in-house. With a host of state-of-the-art woodworking, metal, painting and other tools, we’ve created everything from full scenic installations through to our own equipment racking systems. Our full time construction manager provides a constantly link between the creative we dream up and the practicalities of construction, which we’re forever grateful for!

Unique Equipment

Mandylights has designed and built a host of unique equipment to deliver our equally unique creative. Our mTower and mArc truss / ground support systems were built to abolish our reliance on unsightly scaffolding towers on outdoor projects. We’ve work closely with two foreign suppliers to produce bespoke LED products ranging from our tubes to individual LED pixels, and we’ve engaged European firms to build our world-class power and data distribution systems. We’re firm believers in creating our own answers to problems, and if we don’t have to always rely on stock equipment, we can create our own products that best suit each application.