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We create outstanding lighting, visual and production designs for live events of any scale or style.

About Us

Mandylights was founded in 2006 and has grown to today employ a full time staff of fifteen designers, builders, production directors and support crew. The company began – and continues to exist today – as a company driven by a team of passionate designers who collaborate to create outstanding solutions for almost every facet of the entertainment industry.

In the last nine years, we’ve completed projects in over forty countries around the world; designing entire productions, creating amazing lighting and visual designs and supplying production management for an incredibly diverse range of clients and their equally diverse range of events. We’ve lit the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – on New Year’s Eve in Dubai, continue to tour as production designers for Ricky Martin, Taio Cruz and many others, designed lighting for the massive Ultra Music Festival in Miami, toured musicals such as Cats, Starlight Express and Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical around the world, and helped bring dozens of car shows, corporate galas and music awards shows to life.

At our Sydney, Australia headquarters, Mandylights houses the region’s largest dedicated previsualisation studio, a full construction facility including CNC routers and spray booths, an extensive warehouse of bespoke lighting, staging and communications equipment, and offices for all our staff.

Our Direction

Our core team of fifteen and extensive network of suppliers and co-workers around the world is unique. We’re the only company of our kind in the Asia-Pacific region who work on every scale from classroom to touring concerts.

We’re proud to produce everything in house – from creative concepts and design right through to production management, programming, operation, construction, crewing and logistics. We’re highly mobile completing around half our work overseas and have the experience, ingenuity and passion to work on any kind of event. We can deliver creative design and implementation, or provide full technical direction, equipment supply and ongoing lighting and technical operation services.

Our aim is clear; to provide world-class production and creative design for similarly world-class events; anywhere.

Our Ideas

We believe in breaking down barriers between theatre and corporate markets, between concert and experiential disciplines and typical designer / producer / technical relationships. We work across every area of the entertainment industry and are always looking to innovate with our infectious enthusiasm. We’re not your average production company – we are creative, unbound by stocks of ageing equipment, unrestricted in where and when we work and we’re all experts in our specialist fields. Instead, Mandylights builds its own bespoke equipment, takes interest in unusual and creative products and prides itself on doing things differently.



Our Services

With three key streams of services, Mandylights can assist at any or all stages of production.

imageOur designers work across all entertainment markets to deliver world-class lighting, video and even entire production designs for a diverse client base. The three core Mandylights designers draw on their multi-platform experience to deliver unique designs that take inspiration from theatrical and concert design trends and apply them to any project.

We’re more flexible, available and well-resourced than typical freelance designers; every design project at Mandylights is undertaken with collaboration by the entire team. While this is a fantastic part of the creation process, it also allows us to offer more people to undertake larger projects. On some of our biggest world tours, we’re able to send operators and lighting directors who have been a part of the design process from the beginning which ensures that the creative integrity of a design is always maintained.

We also have the rare ability to draw, visualise, plan and deliver their designs on budget and on time. Our whole creative team draw using industry-standard CAD software, and our unique rendering system is capable of producing some of the world’s best realtime, 3D production rendering. (It’s worth noting that there’s no such thing as a ‘mood board’ or ‘concept sketch’ at Mandylights – we only deal with realistic, realtime production renders!) All of this is done entirely in house – from concept to creation to plans and rendering.

Above all of this, we’d like to think that our most important design skill is something we don’t have – equipment. As a design focused company, Mandylights doesn’t own a stock of ageing lighting equipment like a traditional production house meaning we don’t have to design around a particular set of lights or inventory of product. Rather, we develop and maintain relationships with production houses around the world so we can always try to work with local suppliers. The small amount of equipment we do own has been designed and developed in-house; as a result we have dozens of speciality products that we’ve had made for clients ranging from underwater LED fixtures through to large scale light-art installations.

Some of our creative design services:

  • Production design (including scenic, lighting and video)
  • Lighting design, programming and operation
  • Video design, programming and operation
  • Design consultancy for installations
  • Real time 3D visualisation of lighting, video and all production elements
  • Custom scenic, lighting and video installation pieces / experiential products
  • Interactive technology design (including iPad and Kinect control systems)
  • Training, lecturing and education course development


production1After beginning as a creative company, we quickly discovered a gap in the market for bespoke, reliable and attentive lighting and event production that maintained the same high standards we apply to our design work.

Mandylights has supplied production management, equipment, crewing and touring technical, lighting and video directors to a large number of domestic and international productions, ranging from high-end corporate events through to massive international touring concerts. Just like our design offerings, our production services are infinitely scalable from single production managers through to complete equipment sourcing, management and touring. In the past, we’ve shipped tons of equipment to remote islands in Fiji, assisted with the production management of one of the world’s biggest boy bands through Europe, staged a huge financial conference in Las Vegas and even helped a CEO communicate an address in downtown Seoul. In the theatre, we’ve programmed for Love Never Dies, provided touring lighting direction for Cats, Starlight Express and The Rocky Horror Show and helped dozens of tours with customised – or just a fresh local option – for equipment.

A quick glimpse at our production services:

  • Full production management
  • Technical direction
  • Touring lighting and visual direction
  • Lighting programmers and operators
  • Media server programming and operation
  • Global equipment sourcing and procurement
  • Touring logistics
  • Event management staff
  • Technical installation staff


equipment1While Mandylights is definitely not an equipment company, we’ve got our reasons for owning a limited amount of equipment.

Control and Data Distribution

It’s not easy finding reliable, clean and up-to-date control products. After several events where we had to make do with a mish-mash of brands and models, we searched high and low and eventually invested in over two hundred universes of premium ArtNet distribution products. With an infinite array of configurations, we’ve used our products with great success on live television, for major events and even outside in a rainy park at Floriade.

Mandylights also owns a stock of MA2 lighting product, including consoles, wings and nodes. By owning and maintaining our own control infrastructure, we’ve been able to promote and rely upon the integrity of our product.

Media Servers

We own over a dozen media server systems; some of which are currently touring with world-class artists. With a number of different configurations, Mandylights is perfectly positioned to develop media content and control solutions in house for any sized event.

Speciality Lighting Products

In recent years, we’ve worked with two key suppliers in Asia to develop a range of LED fixtures. Our famous mTubes have been seen on dozens of events, while our unique stock of underwater LED, LED tape and outdoor LED pars have been used flawlessly around Australia and overseas. We supply tape and other effects to several high-end clients for use in everything from parade floats to major concert tours.

All our products are available for hire; feel free to contact us for more information.


Recent Highlights

Take a look at some of our favourite shows from the last few years – as seen by audiences from all over the world.


Meet the Mandylights Team

Our designers and production staff are uniquely talented but perfect team members





Glow Motion BandsWe’re proud to be the first company in the world to offer Glow Motion Technologies’ unique LED pixel products to the Australian and Asia Pacific Markets.

The battery powered, fully remotely controllable Ghost Pixels can be used in wristbands, pendants or attached to scenic pieces anywhere. Using DMX control, video pixel mapping effects and RFID communication, they can then be used to execute a huge range of effects. Onboard buttons allow for interactivity and voting controls, with endless possibilities for control and effects across theatres, ballrooms or even entire stadiums.

Take a look at the preview video below, then contact us to arrange a demonstration or to learn more about the product.




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Our office, warehouse and studio is in Leichhardt; just ten minutes from Sydney’s CBD. While our local business hours are 9.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday, we often keep irregular hours so be sure to let us know if you’re planning to drop by.


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