About Us

Who we are, where we came from and where we’re heading.


Our History

Founded by current owners and directors Daniel Mercer and Richard Neville in 2006, Mandylights has enjoyed a hugely successful ten year tenure as Australia's first dedicated lighting and production design house.

From humble beginnings in Sydney's Lilyfield, the company began working extensively overseas from its first year on corporate and theatre projects throughout the Asia Pacific region - areas of the business that are still important to us today.

Founded with the idea that there was a need for a collective of designers who could be stronger, more flexible and better suited to large projects than freelancers, Mandylights has always had a design focus. At the other end of the scale, Dan and Rich identified an opportunity for a production company to exist that owned almost no equipment - rather than depending on an ageing stock of inventory like every other production company, Mandylights has always sought to find the most suitable technology for every individual project. These two core concepts are still central to the business, with Mandylights now only opting to own highly specialised and customised equipment for our wide range of clients.

To date, we've completed thousands of projects in over fifty countries around the world. We've lit the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa - in Dubai for New Year's Eve, designed lighting for the world's largest festival stage at Miami's Ultra Music Festival, created shows for Ricky Martin, the Backstreet Boys, GEM and Taio Cruz in almost every corner of the planet, and are regularly called upon by several multi-national corporations who want better design for their important presentations and functions.

Our Future

Mandylights has a bright future. In recent years, we've grown far beyond our original lighting focus, moving naturally into visual, production and entire event design. The growth of our production and construction departments have helped us to evolve to become a competent, creative and above all - capable - agency. While we just used the "agency" word however, we're not keen on the concepts of account managers, mood boards or look books. Mandylights has always presented real world designs that are backed up by outstanding technical infrastructure, fully planned construction and perfectly executed production. We don't rely on external creatives or subcontracting firms to help deliver our core products, so we're able to offer a level of accountability beyond any other agency.

In the coming years, we're looking forward to more world tours, large scale creative executions and to working with our clients and internal team to continue to re-define the role of the creative production designer in every facet of the entertainment industry.