Mandylights provides a full suite of design, production, equipment and construction services for all kinds of touring, special event and corporate markets, anywhere on earth.



Our world-class design services include full production and show creation, lighting and visual design and almost every facet of event design. Using some of the world's most powerful, real-time production visualisation software, we're the only dedicated show design company in Australia, and one of only a handful in the world.

All our design work is produced entirely in-house using our full time design team. We produce plans, renders and un-rivalled levels of detail for all proposals and then have the ability to manage event creative through every stage of production - to the point where our designers are often the ones programming consoles and servers on site.


Our production managers, producers and project managers are able to take any creative and turn it into real-world production plans. We're responsible for production management on everything from world-tours of arena musicals to high-pressure multi-national corporation presentations in addition to some of the most imaginative construction projects you've seen.

Just like our creative department, all our production work is carried out in-house, ensuring that we're able to uphold creative, ensure accountability and ultimately deliver an outstanding end product.



In 2015 we added a construction department to our growing business; complete with wood and metal working facilities, a full spray booth and great team of construction personnel. In less than two years, we've built enormous Chinese New Year lanterns for the City of Sydney, light artworks that have been seen from Canberra to Sharjah and a host of bespoke production towers, ballast systems and touring items for our own use.

Our construction team pride themselves on being able to produce creative and production elements in house - yet another service that ensures creative accountability throughout the entire design and delivery process.


For a company that never intended to own equipment, we've taken a distinctly different path to other production companies. We don't own any 'standard' equipment such as moving lights or rigging - instead, we're the proud owners of a large arsenal of largely bespoke lighting, staging, video and technology products that set us even further apart from anyone else.

As the only Glow Motion Technologies distributor outside the USA, we're at the forefront of interactive illuminated wristband technology. Our famous mTubes have been seen in light artworks, in front of global pop megastars One Direction and even lining the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Behind the scenes, our mTower and mArc outdoor tower systems have done away with ugly scaffolding and allowed us to create elegant lighting and rigging support systems on site.